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        1. What are the types and USES of specialty paper?

          Special paper is paper with special purpose and small output. Now, in our daily office, the use of special paper is also more and more, it is widely used, has been used in all walks of life. So, what are the types and USES of special paper?

          1. Copy paper: 17g positive specification: used for VAT invoice, gift box packaging, generally pure white.
          2, typing paper: 28g positive specification: for single, form, there are seven colors: white, red, yellow, blue, green, light green, purple.
          3, glossy paper: 35-40g positive specification: one side is glossy, used for joint documents, forms, notes, for low-grade printing paper.
          4, double adhesive paper: 60-180g magnanimity, positive degree are available, used for medium-grade printed matter to domestic, joint venture and import common.
          5. White paper: 200g, double-sided white, used for middle-grade packaging.
          6, special paper: generally imported paper is common, mainly used for cover, decorations, crafts, boutique printing.