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        1. Special paper industry on demand tuyere, foreign...

          "UPM is bringing the business segment closer to the real needs of customers through continuous business adjustments." Petteri Kalela, senior vice President of UPM specialty paper Asia Pacific, said in an interview with China business news today.
          Behind this adjustment is China's paper industry is entering the honeymoon period of development. In 2017, under the influence of the continuous rise of paper prices, the overall business situation of the paper industry is good, and it has achieved the best performance in recent years.
          China's output of paper and paperboard reached 125.42 million tons in 2017, exceeding 120 million tons for the second consecutive year, up 3.09 percent year-on-year, according to the national bureau of statistics. The total profit of the paper industry was 63.685 billion yuan, up 58.52 percent year-on-year. The performance figures are pretty good. Not only are the profits of the whole industry soaring, but the growth rate is also the highest in recent years. Most enterprises are making a lot of money.