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        1. 2019 special paper packaging customized to...

          As if starting from the end of last year, jun industry packing box factory, found that the elements of 8 ~ 90 s retro slowly and gradually popular, the most obvious is that many women jeans trousers that are a, Ruth bad characteristics, this young man street characteristics of the nineties, didn't expect such a rise trend, also slowly affected is responsible for some special custom paper box factory, concrete are sums up the impact of small make up to you can be roughly divided into two kinds:
          1. Cotton and linen material suddenly rise, it makes a lot of special customized paper manufacturers are very happy, because in the past more use of coated paper, paperboard, can let the specialty paper gift box factory do high-grade gift boxes, paper only tactility, many other packaging design in the earliest is not considered the use of specialty paper, so the material of cotton and linen suddenly popular restoring ancient ways, there are a lot of businesses do box or do paper bags are all want to be a kind of, can make the similar effect pasting, then has a variety of embossing ability of special box factory is finally get rid of the bondage of their position, Because only through printing out the effect of cotton and hemp mounting paper, far from through the full impact of the special paper, so this is a big impact on the market share of the opening situation.
          2. Whether technology with the tailored special paper, many previous full version of the hit tu after pasting the above if you want to use these to the printing process, is the need to use screen printing technology, a layer of a layer of seal up, won't make the ink on the surface of uneven flow, affect the overall effect, so the cost of silk screen and ink are different from other equipment materials to use, so in general, this kind of cotton and linen paper, was supposed to be ready in the earliest production factory printing steps, and should not be, the full version of the hit after the sudden get other factory strike, namely manufacturers of this paper is not recommended. It is very easy to fail and waste time when printing the logo of the company. Therefore, whether the technology of the manufacturer of this special paper material can keep up with it or not has a great impact on many manufacturers in the market.
          Above, two kinds of effects can be said to be mixed, because this FuGuXing tide rise, let some elements can only be made by special paper form, makes the market more diversified is good, but some are going to own for material for printing factory, this is a new challenge, cost and time could be than ever before for a long time, so it is a need to manufacturers to overcome the disadvantage of common place.