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        1.   Zhejiang five star paper co., ltd. is a private high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacturing and sales of environment-friendly catering and packaging paper. The company is located in donggang industrial park, Quzhou City economic development zone, zhejiang province. After more than ten years of positive development, five star paper industry has made remarkable achievements, formed a complete set of special paper production, scientific and technological research and development in one, production, supply, marketing one-stop service system.

            The company consistently implements the work spirit of "diligence, dedication, efficiency and preciseness", pursues the quality policy of "quality first, fine work and meticulous work", grasps opportunities, and actively makes progress, gradually forming a mature and unique enterprise culture. The company strives for the best product quality, the quality price ratio is the best, persists in digesting and absorbing the advanced technology and the craft as the breakthrough point, concentrates on devotes to the dining box, the paper cup, the noodles bowl, the square brick beverage box and so on upscale dining, the food packing paper scale, the localization research. The company takes high quality imported bleached log pulp as raw material, adopts advanced automatic process equipment, and implements computer management and program control over the whole production process. In the quality management, the product inspection implements the entire staff, the entire process surveillance, guarantees the quality stability.The company continuously expands the cooperation with domestic and overseas merchants, the product sells well the domestic coastal, Taiwan and the southeast Asia area, and has established the long-term cooperative partnership with master kong, the unification and so on well-known enterprise, the good public praise lets the company win more and more customer source.

            Uphold the "customer first, quality first, service first" principle, the five-star people wholeheartedly for the general new and old customers to provide "adequate supply, excellent quality and perfect service", the company all staff under the guidance of chairman Mr Zhao Yunfu, customer comments as own duty, committed to the pursuit of excellence, to the future with new and old customers hand in hand, common development, create the brilliance of the specialty paper industry of China.